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Alternating relay for alternating control of three electropumps in sewage – RAL 303 ESG

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Alternating Relay – 3 pumps – High level Sewage

Shipping is only available for Continental Portugal and Autonomous Regions (Madeira and Azores).

Product description

Toggle relay for alternating control of 3 electropumps, with high sewage level control
Control signals by closing contact, pressure switch and internal timing
Designed to be used in sewage, with RNC1002 sewage level regulator


  • Alternate command of three electric pumps and control of lack of water in the supply network
  • Control signals by closing contact, pressure switch and internal timing
  • Alternating voltage for water supply probe


Power the relay (green led on – A.1)

The closing of the contact pair “RN0” (4 – 6) leaves the relay in standby mode. If the pairs of contacts “RN1” (5 – 6) and “RN2” (7-6) and “RN3” (8 – 6) close, they will force the operation of the sewage pumps one, two and three, respectively.

If the contact pair “RN3” (8-6) is closed, the high level alarm signal “N.A.” lights up. The alarm goes off when the “RN3” (8-6) contacts open.

The three electric pumps only switch off after the contacts “RN3” (8 – 6), “RN2” (7 – 6), “RN1” (5-6) and “RN0” (4-6) open, To run until “RN0” (4 – 6) is open.

Terminal 1 is common to relay outputs 3, 9 and 11 for controlling the motors, respectively.

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Additional information

Weight 240 g
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 5.7 cm
Supply for charger

24V AC

Room temperature

[-10ºC, +55ºC]

Output relay

AC 8A-250V / 50Hz – 1250VA DC 5A-24 V (C.R.)


AC (230V, 400V) / 50Hz


2VA (approx.)


230V AC, 400V AC


11-pin base

micro controle - automação eletrónica