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Level control relay for bore – RFA 101 QFM

Since (without VAT): 21.10

Level control relay for hole, with indication of “High Level”, “Lack of Water”, “Pump in Service” and “Thermal Shooting”.

Shipping is only available for Continental Portugal and Autonomous Regions (Madeira and Azores).

Product description

Level control relay for hole, with indication of “High Level”, “Lack of Water”, “Pump in Service” and “Thermal Shooting”.

The indications and how the level control relay for bore reacts (weapon and disarms), also allows protection of submersible electromagnets against lack of water. In addition, being a modular DIN-rail relay simplifies its installation. Advantage over 11-pin relays that require their docking station. Not only can it be used in standard electric switchboxes, it can also be used in modular boxes.


  • Control of level in conductive fluids by three probes (minimum, maximum and mass), with
    minimum level indication and protection.
  • Indication and protection of submersible electric pumps against lack of water.
  • Indication of “Pump in Service” and “Thermal Shooting”.


Power the relay ( green led light on – A.1)

The “S1” contact will arm when the liquid level reaches the upper level probe (terminal S) (green LED lights up – “N.A.” high level).

The “S1” contact disarms when the liquid level drops below the lower level of the probe (terminal I) – turns off the green LED “N.A.” and lights red LED “F.A.” (lack of water).

After closing the contact pair (C-B), the “B.S.” (Service pump).

After closing the contact pair (C – DT) the LED “D.T.” (Thermal Shooting).

Technical File – PDF

Relé de controlo de nível para furo Download here the Technical File of this product.

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Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 9.5 × 6 × 3.5 cm
Room temperature

[-10ºC, +55ºC]

Dry contact for command

AC 8A-250V

Dry contact to alarm

AC 8A-250V


AC (230V, 400V) / 50Hz


2VA (approx.)


230V, 400V


Modular relay for DIN rail mounting

micro controle - automação eletrónica