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Digital level control box, Premium – QND 100

Since (without VAT): 183.00

Digital level control box, Premium Range. Strict level control according to the intensity of the submersible pump consumption.

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Product description

Digital level control box, Premium Range. Strict level control according to the intensity of the submersible pump consumption.
Simplicity in installation without level probes.
Self-calibration of pump consumption.
Visual and audible alarm.
Adjustable water hold delay.
Electronic thermal trip control against overloads, phase failure and motor connection failures.
Constructive flexibility, with possibility of integration of accessories (voltmeter, differential switch, etc …).


Level control box without borehole or well probes, with digital control relay and protection of submersible electric pumps from 1 to 13 Amps.

  • Against lack of water.
  • Excessive motor consumption (thermal trip).
  • Shortness of breath in the expansion vessel (protection against successive starts and stops).
  • Under and over voltage protection.
  • Counts hours of operation of the pump (no possibility to reset).
  • Possibility to enable or disable protections.


1. Make connections with the switch on (off).

Esquema de Funcionamento QND100 - Gama Premium

2. Switch the switch to automatic (aut).

3. After contact pair P11 and P12 are closed, the contactor arms and starts the pump. The digital level relay will measure consumption and if the value is above or below the nominal value, the relay will turn off the pump due to thermal trip or lack of water.

4. If the pump motor consumption remains within the rated value, the pump will operate normally.

5. If the switch of the control circuit is in the manual position (manu), the pump starts regardless of the command state of contact pair P11 and P12.

6. In the event of a thermal relay trip (overload) the pump shuts down and the thermal trip information appears in the relay display.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Thermal regulation

1,0 – 15,0 A


230V, 400V

Gray ABS case

220 x 280 x 125 mm with hinge and lid waterproof housing – IP65 IK07

Relay and circuit breaker access

Through the manhole cover, without opening the frame door

Digital electronic relay

With 4-digit display for command and protection electric pump, micro controle brand

3 positions toggle switch

Manual (MAN), off (0) or automatic (A) operation

Start/Stop remote control connection

By order of pressure switch or float


Short circuit against circuit breaker

Alarm beacon

Visual and acoustic

Accessories / Others

Sockets for cable routing (3)


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