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Timed start relay for startup – RAI 202 TEO

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Self-Inductive Start Relay

Shipping is only available for Continental Portugal and Autonomous Regions (Madeira and Azores).

Product description

Timing relay for inductance starting of motors


  • Timed start for motors by inductance


Power the relay (green led on – A.1)

After the supply voltage is applied, the “S1” (9-11) connection is made during the time “t1” set on the front panel button, at the end of which it arms the “S2” (1-3)

At the end of “t1” the timing “t2” starts, at the end of which “S1” (9-11)

“S2” will be on until the power is removed

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Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 6.2 cm
Adjustable timing

[0,5, 9] sec.

Room temperature

[-10ºC, +55ºC]

Output relay

AC 8A-250V / 50Hz – 1250VA DC 5A-24 V (C.R.)


AC (24V, 230V, 400V) / 50Hz, DC (12V) / 50Hz


2VA (approx.)


24V AC, 230V AC, 400V AC


11-pin base

micro controle - automação eletrónica