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Phase loss and phase relay for protection of three phase motors – RSF 101 SIM

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Relay Sequence and Phase Out
Supply: 400V AC

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Product description

Phase failure relay (sequence and phase failure) for protection of three-phase motors. Action against phase breaks, or inverted sequence of motor phases.


  • Protection of three-phase motors against phase breaks or wrong phase sequence
  • Protection against phase unbalance
  • Control of the voltage value in generator sets


Power the relay (green led on – A.1)

The “S1” contact arms when the phase rotation is in sequence and the voltage value of all three exceeds the set minimum limit on the front panel scale, whether or not the neutral is present.

The “S1” contact disarms when the individual value of the measurement of one or more phases falls below the set minimum limit.

The neutral connection is optional, however when connected improves the stability of the measurement.

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Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 6 cm
Sensitivity adjustable

85 to 100%

Room temperature

[-10ºC, +55ºC]

Output relay

AC 8A-250V / 50Hz – 1250VA DC 5A-24 V (C.R.)


AC (3 x 400V) / 50Hz


2VA (approx.)


400V AC


11-pin base


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