micro controle – automação eletrónica


Level control box for tank, Schneider Equipment – QN QED

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Level Control box for tanks, with Schneider contactor and thermal.

Shipping is only available for Continental Portugal and Autonomous Regions (Madeira and Azores).

Product description

Level Control box used for protection of submersible water pumps used in the supply of pressurized water tanks or cisterns, with Schneider contactor and thermal.


Level control in tanks or reservoirs

Protection against water shortage, red led access when there is water level below the minimum level probe (close dry contact to start the electropump to reset level)

Protection against short-circuits by a circuit breaker – 16A

Protection against overloads by an overload relay – IP54 IK07

Lack of water in the tank (red LED on the level relay)

Running motor status(green LED on the level relay)

Overload trip staus (red LED on the level relay)


Make the connections, as indicated on the sticker, with the switch on (off).

Set the thermal relay to the rated motor current.

Switch the switch to automatic (aut).

After contacting the P11 and P12 contacts, the contactor will arm when the water level reaches the minimum level probe (red LED F.A. – water shortage), switching off when the contact pair P11 and P12 open, or if the level Of water rise beyond the maximum level probe (extinguishes the red LED – lack of water).

If the control circuit switch is in the manual (manu) position, the pump switches on regardless of the control status of the contact pair P11 and P12 and the level condition.

In case of tripping of the thermal relay (overload), the pump switches off (red LED D.T. on the level relay), regardless of the information provided by any of the other controls.

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Additional information

Thermal regulation

2,5 – 4,0 A, 4,0 – 6,0 A, 5,5 – 8,0 A, 7,0 – 10,0 A, 9,0 – 13,0 A


230V, 400V

Gray ABS case

195x257x147mm com dobradiça e tampa transparente em poliestireno cristal – IP54 IK07

Level relay

Marca Micro Controle para protección contra falta de agua

Contactor and overload relay


3 positions toggle switch

Con cápsula protectora para mando de funcionamiento automático (AUT), manual (MAN), o apagado (off)

Start/Stop remote control connection


Accessories / Others

Presostato, flotador u otros; Bussines para el paso de los cables de conexión (4)

micro controle - automação eletrónica