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Dual Alternating Modular Relays

The dual alternating modular relays are important allies of submersible electric pumps installed in sanitation or hydropressing plants.

As they are modular, their installation is simple and can be used in standard electrical box boxes or modular boxes on the DIN rail.

The model used for installation in a sanitation plant (RAL 202 SAM) is different from that for a hydropower plant (RAL 202 HIM). Also for each of these two models there is the variation for single-phase voltage and for three-phase voltage.

These devices also include the box of 2 modules and the fact that the various timings can be adjusted by Micro Switch, which gives high flexibility and resource saving.

The dual alternating modular relays control and protect the electric pumps (two) allowing alternating operation, acting in situations of minimum level, maximum level, backup pump input reinforcement and depending on model, maximum alarm (RAL 202 HIM) or minimum alarm. (RAL 202 HIM).

In the video below, it is possible to observe the operation of the RAL 202 SAM (Switching Relay for Sanitation Plants) in the various predicted situations.

All applications, detailed operation and data sheet, are presented here. Both are available for sale in the online store, starting at € 46.40.

Discontacting boards

Micro controle extends its offer in Control Boards, launching the new segment of Discontactors.

This is a board that ensures the control and protection of electro-pumps, used in the supply of water under pressure and in irrigation systems, in situations where it is not necessary to use the Level Relay.

In some scenarios, the defenses against the lack of water may simply not be necessary, and it may also be the case that this is already assured by a float or pressure switch.

With a Thermal Regulation from 2.5 to 13 A (see selection ranges) and with option of Voltage between 230V and 400V, the Discontactors of the micro controle also offer a model with Contactor and Thermal Relay Schneider. The base version is equipped with Maxge, in these components.


  • Short circuit protection – 16 amp circuit breaker
  • Overload protection – thermal.
  • Indication of presence of power supply (white flag).
  • Pump indication in service (green light).
  • Thermal trigger indication (red flag).

From 70€ (excl. VAT). Learn about the rest of the information on the product page, including its datasheet with all the features and options.

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Merry Christmas and Happy 2019!

Micro controle wishes all customers, suppliers and friends a Merry Christmas and an Excellent 2019!

Designed with precept

We are microcontrole, we have been in the market of electronic automation for more than 30 years, developing and producing electronic industrial equipment. Our products are rigorously tested and continuously optimized, taking into account the latest technological innovations.

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